The Concasse20210709121150

The Concasse

gcacademyadminJuly 9, 20210 comments
How to Create a Concasse Want to learn how to concasse? Well, you’re in the right place. To help you remember, here is a handy summarised guide&...
Vegetable Turning20210629141923

Vegetable Turning

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
Vegetable Turning Using a bevelled turning knife, Richie creates nice even slices by holding the vegetable right in front of his face and at a slight ...
The Paysanne Cut20210629140645

The Paysanne Cut

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
The Paysanne Cut Before we start the Paysanne cut, it is important to get the vegetables into the right shape to start with so that we achieve the des...
The Brunoise Cut20210629140248

The Brunoise Cut

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
The Brunoise Cut The Brunoise cut, let’s go! Firstly, it is important to remember to protect your fingers when preparing vegetables, so be sure ...
The Macedoine Cut20210629135336

The Macedoine Cut

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
The Macedoine Cut Using a simple turnip Richie demonstrates the Macedoine cut. First and foremost, it is important to trim your vegetable so that it i...
The Jardiniere Cut20210629134714

The Jardiniere Cut

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
The Jardiniere Cut In this video, Richie demonstrates the Jardiniere cut using a carrot. Straight off the bat you will notice he is adopting the bridg...
The Julienne Cut20210629134327

The Julienne Cut

gcacademyadminJune 29, 20210 comments
 The Julienne CutPerfecting a Julienne cut can be extremely fiddly. In this video, Richie goes through the the correct knife skills and technique...