Hear from industry leaders

Stuart Ascott

We were delighted to have students from West Suffolk College join us on a recent culinary trip to Lyon as part of our association with ‘Passion To Inspire’. Here’s what their chef lecturer Stuart Ascott had to say about the trip.

Dominic Teague

We were lucky enough to catch up with Academy contributor Dominic Teague, executive chef at One Aldwych, recently. Have a listen to how he started off in the industry and where it has taken him to.

Ian Jaundoo

If you are a chef lecturer and want to know how the Academy can help you to deliver the curriculum then have a listen to Ian Jaundoo from Liverpool College.

Nick Vadis

The Academy is not all about training. We are also here to provide inspiration. Here is Nick Vadis talking about some of the amazing places he has been to, and some of the experiences he has been lucky enough to enjoy, as a chef.

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