Should I Go And Work Abroad?

Should I Go And Work Abroad?

At some point in your career, you may have the opportunity to go and work abroad, so should you go? Different foods and global cultures increase the spectrum of flavours/tastes, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. 

‘Working abroad or in a major city isn’t essential but it opens your eyes to so much more than food,’ says Neil Haydock, Executive Chef at The Watergate Bay Hotel. ‘Understanding the culture underneath the food brings depth of understanding and the potential to learn another language in a multicultural society/kitchen, which is a skill you keep for life.’ 

Geoffrey Smeddle, Chef Proprietor at the Peat Inn suggests that if you are going to work abroad then its best to do it when you are young. ‘It was good for me (France, USA, Czech Republic) and because of that I would recommend it, but there are many examples of successful chefs who have never done so. But the younger you are when you go, the easier it will be. And the further you go, the smaller the world becomes, and the more doors open for you.’ 

Many overseas chef jobs are seasonal, and this can be useful if you want to try working overseas before committing to a more permanent move. Wherever you are looking at going it’s important to check out what visa and work permit restrictions that there might be, especially in the aftermath of Brexit. However, because many of these positions are for short term contracts you may well not need the same level of documentation required for longer stays. When it comes to the types of places to work then as well as restaurants and hotels it is also worth considering other options such as resorts, cruise ships and even private catering providers. 

When it comes to permanent overseas positions competition tends to be higher, especially when it comes to more senior roles. These positions also tend to involve more red tape such as work permits and possibly even a visa. But if you have a strong CV that details your experience and training this will certainly increase your chances of being considered for the position that you have applied for. 

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent position, working abroad could enhance both your career prospects and your salary potential, as well as improving your job prospects should you choose to return to the UK at some point.